BUFF 030 – Jana Francis | Co-Founder Steal Network |Business Buff Entrepreneurs

When Jana Francis walks in the door, heads turn. This 5'2" spunky dynamo is a triple threat. She's raising three kids, running a multi-million-dollar startup company, and charming everyone she meets - from finicky new mommies to the most brilliant of engineers at Google. Jana has a hard working, tough-as-nails attitude, coupled with a down-to-earth honesty and charisma. Listen to her can do attitude and how she overcame her BUFF Moment.

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BUFF Take Away:  Never buy anything you can't afford * Hire people smarter than you.

Buff Giving Highlighted Charity / Non-Profit:  SignTimeFoundation.org

Coupon Code for AxiomV.com Fundraiser: buff030

Contact Jana Francis at Steals.com

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